Shaw Security Initiative
Shaw Security Initiative
The Shaw Security Initiative (SSI) is a 501(c)(3) designated non-profit organization aimed at raising funds from the community and community businesses and organizations to be used to improve the security and safety of the Shaw neighborhood through fundraising and fund distribution aimed at crime solving and crime prevention programs and technology. 
Current Project
Shaw Real-Time Crime Center Camera Project
Real-Time Ability
Giving law enforcement instant information
The Shaw Real-Time Crime Center Camera Initiative (SCI) is a funding campaign and project that will raise and distribute funds for the installation of video cameras at critical access points in the Shaw neighborhood, which will be connected to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) through encrypted radiofrequency connections. We aim to install cameras at several key locations (in green) and will use any donated funds towards these installations.

Shaw Security Initiative was formed in November of 2016 by a group of neighbors aimed at preventing and solving crime in the Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis.
Our main goals are to raise funds and help with projects related to
  • Neighborhood security
  • Crime reduction
  • Solving crimes committed in the neighborhood
  • Nuisance abatement

Donate Today!

Our current fundraising goal is $20,000 for the purchase and  installation of 4 real-time crime center enabled cameras to be donated to the STLMPD.

As of now, we're at $8,000. Please consider a donation today!
Consider a tax-deductible donation today! Shaw Security Initiative is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your donation can be deducted in the current tax year!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.